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Being the first dairy company in the UAE, Al Ain Farms has undertaken a pivotal role in ensuring the finest food products to the people of the country. All our products are made with love, locally, in Al Ain, the heart of the UAE, and delivered fresh around the country on a daily basis.

Al Ain Farms plans to be a leader in the UAE food and beverage market by 2021. We have invested significantly in acquiring state-of-the-art production lines, enabling faster reach to market; have launched several new product categories; and have doubled our efficiency in the poultry business.

By the end of 2020, we will have more cows at a new farm in Al Ain area, which will increase our daily dairy output further. Previously known as mostly a dairy company, Al Ain Farms aims to become the number one local food company by the year 2021.

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Al Ain Farms
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