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Al Rawabi Dairy Company is a leading dairy and juice company in the UAE with a wide range of products from milk, yoghurt, laban, juice and functional products. Currently, Al Rawabi operates in the UAE and Oman serving more than 13,000 stores with fresh products.

At its farm in Al Khawaneej, Al Rawabi has a cattle stock of 13,500 cows. Starting in 1989 with 500 imported cows Innovation is at the core of the company - it introduced the plastic bottles in 1991 in the UAE and is the first company to introduce fresh juices in the GCC in 1995.

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Al Khawaneej, Dubai, United Arab Emirates.

P.O. Box: 50368

800 40 27

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Full cream milk, low-fat milk, skimmed milk, laban, yoghurts, juices

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Al Rawabi Dairy Company is the only company that in its premises has also a DAIRY MUSEM!

It might sound strange that we are also picking our nose in history, but, since 1989, we were nothing but extraordinary. Therefore, we have opened Al Rawabi Dairy Museum, a place that serves us a momentum of European history of milking and also pays homage to our mark in the region's dairy history.

Dairy Museum can be seen as a part of the Farm tour visit booking

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