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BAHO Shoes offers fun, fashionable take on kids footwear that is comfortable for daily adventures as well as being sustainable and environment-friendly. The BAHO range includes designs for both genders from age 6-24 months with styles for up to six years coming soon. All BAHO Shoes are crafted from breathable, lightweight natural products and genuine leather.

The range of soft-soled shoes in natural leather and fabric for ages 6-24 months were created by Jan Stoop, a Dubai-based, work-from-home creative and father to two young daughters.

Jan and his family love to travel so BAHO Shoes are named after exotic destination names they’ve visited such as St. Bart’s, a cute Oxford bootee in supple pink leather-trimmed with tiny whale fins. Says Jan: “Coming from an advertising and fashion publishing background I’ve been able to combine these two  passions into producing a beautifully-designed, boutique-quality product that both kids and their parents will enjoy.”



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