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Hind possesses an innate sense of creativity that has taken her to the forefront of entrepreneurial crafts in the UAE. After studying fine arts at Sharjah University, Hind started her own business ‘Designed by Hind,’ which focuses on producing collections of bespoke crockery. Designed by Hind has become one of the UAE’s leading brands of porcelain.

Her love of porcelain stemming from childhood, Hind has developed artistic works by fusing traditional Emirati elements with contemporary designs. Early sketches on porcelain which were intended to be just for her and her family flourished into the business she has today, with her work gaining a large following in the UAE market, as well as the GCC, since the launch of her first collection ‘Tuminah’ in 2011. The success of the company has seen Designed by Hind continue to expand globally by participating in international exhibitions.

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