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Maitha & Treats

Indulge guilt-free at Maitha and Treats, where we reimagine desserts and create vegan, zero-gluten, healthy treats for your tummy with love, passion, and grandma’s secret sauce. Bid farewell to digestive woes, as our cake bites, cookies, muffins, and brownies are baked to be scrumptious and satisfying. We are based in Dubai but spread goodness all across the UAE. Join us on this delectable journey toward a healthier, happier you!

Rumailah Farm

Conceived in 2017 as a local and reliable source of high-quality milk, Rumailah Farm is the most natural and authentic milk provider in the eastern Emirates.

Al Malaky Royal

High quality plain dates (whole and pitted dates) of different varieties that range in size, color, texture and sweetness, including Khalas, Fard, Lulu, Khenaizi, Dabbas and Sheeshee.


Evakind is the premium online shopping destination in the UAE offering zero-waste, sustainable and eco-friendly products for everyday use. We source our exclusive selection of beauty, homeware and cleaning products largely from Europe, ensuring they meet our environmental and quality standards to empower our eco-conscious shoppers (that’s you – you’re amazing) in making a real difference, guilt- and fuss-free. From organic and cruelty-free products to reduced, recyclable and/or compostable packaging, we’re committed to helping you go green as part of your daily routine!

Chocolat. by Sanam Laugani

Chocolat. is delighted to offer a bespoke service to make your special moment even sweeter!
Perfect homemade little treats that are packed beautifully, is an ideal balance of quality & style.
We customize chocolate boxes & hampers as per your need & requirement.


GULFA, founded in 1975, comes from the natural sources of Masfout Mountains in the southeast of the UAE.
These mountains are highly fertile valleys that have running water throughout the year, which makes it the optimum source for natures best mineral balanced water.


The KakaoGuy is your go-to person for your chocolates and sweet fix. We are the first Local Nama Chocolate Shop in Dubai and the first to make burnt cheesecake in different flavours.

Bagel Yard

Inspired by Montreal’s bagel culture, Bagel Yard is where bagels are freshly made the old traditional way.

Happy Box

Making people smile is no small accomplishment. It’s an art and a passion that’s the cause for starting HappyBox.com. Our vast selection of gifts includes fresh flowers, fruits, gourmet food gift baskets, bouquets, cookies, baked goods, popcorn, specialty treats, premium chocolates and confections!


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