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Oakland Agriculture

Oakland Agriculture is Dubai’s premier importer, exporter and trader of plants and agriculture supplies, irrigation systems and garden works.

O’de Rose

O’de Rose is an electic concept store located on 999 Al Wasl road in Dubai, the boutique offers clothing, accessories, furniture, contemporary art and home décor by renowned designers and artisans

Fringe Society

Fringe Society is about creating a home, wherever you may be. As expats we often find ourselves living on ‘the fringe’ of societies around the world. Immersed in different cultures and beliefs, day-to-day life can be unpredictable and challenging, which is why our home becomes our haven.
Drawing on my love of natural materials, textures and tones, I find inspiration in the contrasts of my surroundings: raw & luxe | natural & manmade | bold & subtle.


We get how important life’s moments are and your special memories shouldn’t be lost on your laptop or camera roll. In just a few simple clicks you can bring to life your favorite images, pick your frame, order & sit back for it to arrive.

All of our products are printed with the best archival inks in the business on gallery quality acid-free paper, to ensure those memories never fade. Our frames are all handmade with love in our Dubai workshop and delivered by our team.

It’s really never been easier, it’s time to craft with draft.

Bound no.82

We are Amanda & Amanda (we know, it confuses us too!), two friends who bonded over a love for home décor, home styling and perhaps most importantly, a shared interest in the creative skills needed to produce outstanding hand-made items. We both have creative backgrounds; one of us in interior & retail styling and the other in textile design, both have a love for photography, so creating Bound No.82 came naturally to us. As mothers of three independent, fun-loving and confident daughters, it was important to us that the direction we took set an example to our girls and it makes us proud that the work we do contributes to the empowerment of women to earn an independent living and to celebrate their skilled heritage.

Little Majlis

Little Majlis is a homegrown United Arab Emirates based brand conceived as a result of the limited opportunities for customers to find unique products and genuinely made in the UAE items, particularly for tourists and local gifting.

At Little Majlis we want people around the globe to get a true taste of the UAE that we love and know so well. Little Majlis is about bringing people together, and telling the story of the region we call home.


At Goshopia you will find designers and brands that embrace at least one of our 3 S´s: Slow Fashion (not mass produced items), Sustainability and Social Responsibility. This is what I call Sustainable Style.

Eco Rascals

Sharing a deep passion to reduce the use of plastic, we knew we needed to develop a product that was plastic free, sustainable and biodegradable. That’s why we chose bamboo. Bamboo grass matures in five years, significantly faster than any wood product. It is grown and harvested without the use of pesticides. Organic bamboo is eco-friendly biodegradable, heat, stain, odour and water resistant and most importantly it is non-toxic.

We are are so excited to bring you our line of natural, plastic-free, non-toxic, stylish and sustainable tableware products for your family. Please dive in and take a look of what we have to offer.

Al Khaznah Tannery

World leader in high performance biodegradable metal-free leathers.​

Al Khaznah is the first Tannery to produce an exclusive range of leathers tanned using the most advanced environmental friendly technologies, guaranteed metal-free, sustainable and biodegradable.
Unlike traditional leathers universally produced with synthetic oils to gain their required softness, the natural oils used in the process consist of vegetable sustainable extracts.


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Why Go-Lokal?

We should support our local market (local products & local brands) by empowering people within the UAE to do business with local companies and local entrepreneurs that are based and operate from within the UAE.

By connecting the local community we aspire to support the local economy, making its unique brands better known, and create awareness for authentic tour experiences. Go-Lokal gives you access to all hidden gems the UAE has to offer.

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