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Founded in 2016 by an Emirati born artisan, it was first her irrepressible creative spirit that sparked the very first creations from Lava Candles. Couple this creativity with a natural flair for business, and what soon followed was the development of handcrafted, luxury candles renowned for their standout customised scents and exotic fragrances. This unquenchable creative passion and penchant for business allowed her to turn a hobby into a thriving, unique business.

Our artisanal products are inspired by nature itself, and with the stunning surroundings enjoyed by Lava UAE, it’s not hard to become inspired. For our Sea Collection we looked to the crystal clear seas of Abu-Dhabi and beyond, our Signature Collection embodies the spirit of Lava Candles with exotic scents and comforting aromas, while our Amani Collection offers the ultimate relaxation experience. Each candle is born of royal Emirati design; crafted by an Emirati Artisanal and her expert team. Each eye-catching candle is created with love, care and complete understanding of this age-old craft.

From our very first collection, the Ramadan Collection which is inspired by the holy month, to our latest unreleased products and gifts; the vision at Lava Candles has and always will remain the same. We’re dedicated to continuing to inspire and enchant with our luxury line of handcrafted candles.

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