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Sayankie’s Pawshion

Sayankie’s Pawshion is a female owned business based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. We focus on making modern pet accessories for every season to keep your pup’s wardrobe as fresh as humans.

Rana Mikdashi

Hand-crafted, sculptural design inspired by nature, culture, and limitless experimentation. Every piece is an unbounded expression of eccentric spirit and perpetual style.
Launched in 2012, Rana Mikdashi is handmade, sculptural jewelry inspired by the raw forms of nature, centuries of rich heritage and limitless experimentation.

Luxy Hijab

Leading brand for modern girls wearing hijabs, shop hijabs in your favourite fabric such as chiffon, jersey, cotton, cashmere and much more.

Baho Shoes

Inspired by beautiful travel destinations, we are a fresh and new brand that caters to kids’ fashion. Our aim is to bring unique and creative designs to kids’ apparel so you can keep your little ones stylish all-year-round!

Our product lines include fun designs for both genders with ages ranging from one to six years old.

We provide shoes made from natural products and real leather, our goal is to introduce fun and fashionable kids’ shoes that are not only comfortable for daily adventures but also sustainable and environment-friendly.


One pair of sandals = the perfect match for every outfit and occasion

With the interchangeable ribbons and the variety of ties possibility, one pair of sandals becomes the versatile pair of sandals that every woman is looking for. The concept makes a woman’s life easier by offering summer shoes compatible with every occasion and provides every woman the chance to go for a minimalist approach by reducing the number of sandals in their shoe rack!

Indie June

All fabrics used for our clothes are certified by GOTS (Global Organic Textile Standard), meaning they are made with strict toxic regulations, GM-free, and using organic cotton. Also, farmers and workers get a fair deal, and factory conditions are better. We want our products to be ethical and sustainable.


Since its inception in 2019, Esstee Fashion strives to be unusual, Playful, unpredictable yet fun! Our styles are bohemian vibes for the wanderlust eye.  

The Giving Movement

Hi, we’re The Giving Movement.
We’re a sustainable brand that’s designed and manufactured in the UAE, blending active and streetwear. We also donate $4 to our partner charities for every item sold. Yep, that’s right, not the total amount, but for Every. Single. Item. in your basket.

Our philosophy is simple:
‘’Small acts multiplied by many people can transform the world’’

You probably guessed it in the name, but we put giving at the heart of everything we do. We like to call it conscious consumerism. We’re striving for a product that doesn’t harm our planet further AND helps to change the lives of those who need it most.

Fatima Al Maazmi Designs

Started in 2011,  by the Emirati Designer Fatima Al Maazmi, her designs feature a wide selection of stylish abayas from classic black abayas to contemporary chic with vivid colours and designs.


This is happening now

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Why Go-Lokal?

We should support our local market (local products & local brands) by empowering people within the UAE to do business with local companies and local entrepreneurs that are based and operate from within the UAE.

By connecting the local community we aspire to support the local economy, making its unique brands better known, and create awareness for authentic tour experiences. Go-Lokal gives you access to all hidden gems the UAE has to offer.

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