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Statement By Nisha

Statement by Nisha is a brand of statement and bespoke designer jewellery for the woman of today. The designs are bold, chick and contemporary and inspired by Arabic, Ottoman and Indian cultures. The unique creations are a culmination of east and west designs and cater to and empower women who intend to make a statement.

The Souk

The Souk at Qaryat Al Beri is a unique Abu Dhabi location that showcases Arabian architecture and reflects traditional Arab hospitality and generosity.


So this is where we tell you what we really stand for. In short, we believe in the individual and so we design for the individual. We don’t create our fashion so that you can be someone else, instead we are focused on helping you bring out who you really are, that subtle edginess that is in you, waiting to come out. We help you make your own mark in the world as you. That’s what we stand for.


Azzalia is a high-end, luxury fashion brand, specializing in couture abayas, gowns, and evening-wear and ready-to-wear line. The brand consists of quality pieces, that are a blend of modernelegance and classic luxury. Azzalia emphasizes the importance of utilizing the best quality of fabrics, the latest embroidery techniques, the craft of tailoring, and the most innovative approaches to design and production.


Born out of necessity, and desire to explore the world of leather goods on her own terms, Azra Khamissa started AZRA in 2015. An evolving offering has maintained its core values: minimalism, reducing waste, and keeping things very, very local. The foundations lay in the use of ethically sourced camel leather, designing the bags herself, and making in collaboration with local artisans.


Tamashee is a high-end Arabian Gulf footwear brand based in Dubai. It began as a set of social goals which are now the core values for all of its work.

Tickle Tickle

A brand of essential clothing that eliminates chemical dyes and curates’ clothes that treats sustainability not as a phase but makes it our lifestyle and our motto.

Zero Limit

A t-shirt brand to inspire, empower and equip young women to step up their game and unlock their limitless potential towards becoming the best version of themselves.

Cara Jordan

Hi There! From a young age, I was drawn to gemstones and jewelry, believing not just in their beauty, but in the symbolism and personal meaning behind each piece.
I believed that the world not only provided material to be worn, but material to help us become more grounded and appreciated.I believed that everything that the Earth could offer was far bigger and better than our understanding.


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