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Sweet Pea

Sweet Pea LLC was set up in Dubai 2017 to distribute beautifully designed children’s brands in the GCC.

We take care to source the brands with the best materials paying attention to the educational & play aspects of each product.

Our objective is to support local businesses in the GCC and grow with the right partners. Offering a specially selected range of toys & textiles to multi channels.

Ajman Fish Market


Sweet Wonders

Sweet Wonders is where decadent chocolate meets art.
We offer our customers the opportunity to spoil their friends and loved ones – while expressing themselves – with handcrafted arrangements of decorated smooth premium chocolates, that make an impression and leave an impact.

Noura Jewellery

Unique and unconventional bespoke jewellery that conveys a story.

Hatta Honey

ANHB is one of the leading companies in the field of bees and its requirements, and specializes in the production of queens and beets and honey production in more than 5 Arab countries and the agent of more than 15 international companies to sell the requirements of manure, has achieved since the establishment of a remarkable prosperity, In a series of acquisitions and partnerships with honey producers in the United Arab Emirates, Saudi Arabia and the Arab Republic of Egypt.

Três Marias Coffee Company

We sell specialty coffee and brewing equipment. We also offer private label coffee programs and provide SCA certified training. We import, store, roast and distribute green coffee beans as the exclusive partner of Ally Coffee in the MENA region.


Liali Jewellery LLC is a Dubai based jewellery company with a chain of up-market boutiques under the name of LIALI. Started in June 1999 by Raed Ahmad Baker and Anuraag Sinha, today Liali boasts of 23 outlets in most of UAE / Oman & Bahrain landmark locations. The company specializes in certified diamonds, pearls, precious & semi-precious stones, 18k gold, customized handcrafted jewellery.

Rootz Organics

First dedicated online store offering both Organic and Sustainable products with an aim to serve the communities in the UAE and Middle East.

Rootz Organics is my humble attempt at creating awareness about organic products and sustainable living. It is my contribution towards building a community that lives a life free of chemicals, pesticides and genetically modified organisms. Starting our kids early on these good habits will ensure that our coming generations too are hale and hearty.

Piyam Box

Launched in 2017 in UAE, The region’s first online styling platform that delivers hand selected collections of affordable luxury fashion direct to your door

Why Go-Lokal?

We should support our local market (local products & local brands) by empowering people within the UAE to do business with local companies and local entrepreneurs that are based and operate from within the UAE.

By connecting the local community we aspire to support the local economy, making its unique brands better known, and create awareness for authentic tour experiences. Go-Lokal gives you access to all hidden gems the UAE has to offer.

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Lokal of the month

Shamsa AlAbbar

Shamsa AlAbbar is an experimental line based on Arabic typography to create unusual beauty. The collection takes traditional Arabic calligraphy that has been an integral part of Arab culture for thousands of years and reworks it to create something unusual and simultaneously beautiful.

Shamsa AlAbbar is Arabic, edgy, modern, geometric, and unusual. this experimental line has been designed for design appreciators, people who are not afraid of change and being different.

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